Your 24 hour bonus day

Feb 27, 2024

“Wait a minute! I just need a second!” or, “Can you give me a bit more time?”, or how about, “I didn’t have enough time!” Have you said any of these recently, or felt as if there weren’t enough hours in the day to get through what you wanted to get through?

Well, I have good news for you. This year is a Leap Year – and we all have been given a bonus day. And if you’ve ever felt the joy of all the traffic lights turning to green as you approach, or your plane arrives earlier than anticipated, then you know that time is precious. And on 29 February, we have an extra 24 hours to spend as we wish.

This bonus day is not performance-related. It’s given freely to everybody on the planet. And when something is given freely, it creates a sense of abundance. It makes us feel good.

Just as bonuses are gifts or rewards that can enrich our lives in some way, when we think of this extra day as a gift, as a present, as The Present, we consciously seek ways to enjoy it.

By choosing to view this day as a bonus, we experience a sense of enrichment. Just as enriching soil encourages more bountiful flowers and vegetables, when we enrich our lives, we flourish.

What enriches or nourishes your life? Is it spending some quiet time with a book, pursuing a passion, being with a loved one, making something, or do you thrive on the energy of being surrounded by others? It is different for each person. Finding something that enriches our lives helps us to flourish.

May this week be enriching for you, in whatever way you choose.