Trust your intuition. It's just like going fishin'.

Apr 23, 2021

Paul Simon was absolutely right. His perfect, beautiful song for his daughter in which he tells her to trust her intuition reminds her that that even when she was frightened or uncertain, she would always know and that she was loved.

In times of heightened fear, especially during a pandemic, it is very easy to be taken over by the voice of our rational ego, the part of us that strives to keep things as they are and to resist change. If we feel as though we are under siege from external threats or internal terrors, then we put up our defences and barricade ourselves inside a wall of fear. Our loud and insistent ego-self takes control and seeks to draw our attention to things around us that will confirm our worst fears and keep us in a state of stasis.

When the ego is given free-reign, the voice of intuition is drowned out. We are unable to feel confident in our ability to trust our intuition, and instead focus on the loud, drowning-out voice of our rational self that insists on making itself heard above all else.

Our intuition is our most powerful voice. If we allow ourselves to listen more to our intuitive side, then this is the truly powerful and effective means by which we can function. Have you ever disregarded your inner voice that was telling you with all its might not to take a particular action, only to have your worst fears confirmed? And then after berated yourself and said you knew all along not to take the action but just didn’t listen? I certainly have, and each time I kicked myself for not having the courage of my convictions. Now I realise that my intuition is there for a reason, and that is to steer me to the right course. It’s like an incredibly efficient, accurate GPS that never needs updating or confused by one-way streets.

Coming soon, I will be offering a colour discovery programme where I will show you how easy it is to "turn around where possible" with colour.

Colour is the key to getting yourself unstuck, out of a rut and back on track. It can help you move forward when you find yourself in the throes of a particular situation, emotional or physical state. I can show you how you can turn up the volume on you intuitive voice and learn to move forward so you can let your inner light, the true you, shine again.

Violet is the colour that is associated with the intuition. But you knew that all along.