Thank you, feet, for taking me on this journey.

Nov 17, 2023

Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life.

Have you ever really thanked your feet? You might think this is a strange question. “Jenny, why would I thank my feet? Why my feet and not, for example, my ears?” Well, why not your ears as well? Every single part of your body plays a crucial part i

n supporting you, in carrying you through life, in helping you achieve what you set out to do each day. Have you ever really thanked your body for what it does?

The human body is a miraculous device. If you were to write a computer program to do something as simple as draw a star on a piece of paper or raise a cup of tea to your lips and swallow without getting tea everywhere and breaking the cup when you put it back on the saucer, it would take a very long time. Yet, you can do all this and more, without even thinking about it.

Your incredible body, and your amazing brain, has more sophisticated wiring and intricacies than all of the world’s supercomputers put together. Every moment of every day, it is working to calculate the precise amount of blood to pump through your body, the exact balance of hormones to release to enable you to function, the rate at which old cells are discarded and new ones are generated. You are doing all this, and



I learned something incredible a while ago. From what I remember, it was that every ten years, our skeletons are completely renewed and replaced, which means that you are literally and figuratively not the same person you were ten years ago. Ten years from now, you will have built yourself a brand-new body. Isn’t that amazing?

It isn’t nice to be taken for granted. I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling of having done something, having worked really hard for somebody, and then they don’t even acknowledge your work or thank you for it. It’s crushing, isn’t it?

When we appreciate something and express gratitude for it, that gratitude grows and expands and we find more and more to be grateful for and app

reciate. When we express gratitude, we are sending out blessings into the Universe. The Universe sends us more blessings in return. Every action has a reaction.



Babies are the wisest of souls. Think of how they play with, and delight in, their feet, their toes, their hands, their bodies.

Give your feet some love this week. Rub them, massage them, apply some lovely cream to them and really focus on the work they have done over all the years you have been on this Earth. Thank you, feet.