Shine your light and brighten the world

Oct 12, 2023

During times of turbulence and chaos, it is very easy to feel as though you have run aground. We might have been drifting along quite happily for a while and suddenly we are thrust into the eye of a storm. Stormy waters surround us and it is easy to feel as though all hope is lost.

Where there is light, there is hope. That is to say, there is always a glimmer, however faint, that shines through every situation.

We can lose sight of the magic and beauty of our souls and of the Universe we are a part of if we focus on the darkness. By focusing on the light, however small, we can allow ourselves, our souls, to shine a little brighter and light up the stormy seas around us. It only takes one candle flickering in the darkness for others to see it.

You have a light within you that will never be put out. It is the light of your beautiful soul and it has shone, and will continue to shine, for a long time to come. Let us shine together, like candles, and brighten the world around us.

This week, I have created a special gift for you to nourish you in times of trouble. Just for 15 minutes, bathe your soul in my Rainbow Elixir for the Soul audio meditation on my YouTube channel. Notice how you feel before and afterwards. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Your soul, and mine, will thank you for it.