Shine a magenta light

Oct 23, 2020

Scrolling mindlessly on my phone the other evening, I was startled when I looked up and realised that I had been sitting in darkness. I hadn't realised that it was quite as dark as it was. So instead of sitting in the darkness, I put on a light.

Think about a time when you realised that everything around you had suddenly got dark. Did you stay in the darkness? Or did you find a way to bring in more light?

In dark times, it can be very easy to sit still and worry, fretting about the darkness and waiting for somebody else to put on the light. Colour helps you shine, no matter how dark it is. It speaks to us on a very deep level and helps us to shine.

My focus this week is on the colour magenta. This colour is all about supporting us

through change. Magenta is a nurturing colour that embodies motherly love, letting go

and all round balance. In fact, it epitomizes the highest level of universal love.

Once fear has taken root and is allowed to pervade our bodies and minds, it can be hard

to see how we can shake it off. Our hearts can feel heavy and our spirits flat.

Magenta can truly help. On a physical level, Magenta stimulates and regulates the

functional activity of the heart, the circulatory system, the kidneys and adrenals, the

reproductive system and the kidneys.

On another level, it can allow our hearts to fill naturally and with abundance.

This week, let the light energies of magenta fill up your heart. Visualise the colour,

breathe it in and feel it pervade your spirit and fill every cell of your body.

Buy some magenta coloured flowers this week. Or better still, buy them for somebody

who could do with a bit of extra nurturing.

"Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world."
Wayne Dyer