Make the journey more comfortable

Sep 01, 2023

Hello, beautiful soul. Hello from my soul to yours. My intention is to make your journey here on Earth a little easier.

Isn’t it an amazing world we live in? So much to explore, so many adventures to have, so many possibilities to enjoy. We can travel anywhere on the planet if we decide to.

Have you gone on a journey, short or long, and ignored all the signposts and directions along the way? For example, perhaps you program in a destination on your GPS and then do the exact opposite of whatever it was telling you. How much time and discomfort do you think this adds to your journey? Do you think you will arrive at your destination refreshed after an enjoyable ride, or strung-out and exhausted after one wrong turn after another?

Your soul has its own GPS and you have access to it at all times. The thing is, most of us have forgotten how to listen to it. We are so caught up in our own human experiences that we don’t hear our inner guidance, our internal GPS, that is trying to get us back on track. Sometimes, it speaks louder and louder and sends us signals that it doesn’t want us to ignore in order to get our attention, but we ignore them too. Usually, by this stage, we are dealing with all sorts of things that we didn’t anticipate and that require our attention.

I will show you how you can transform your journey by helping you rediscover the ancient wisdom deep within you and help you decipher what your soul is trying to tell you.

My name is Jenny Wilson. I am a mother, a language tutor, an author and a soul travel guide. With your permission, I can walk with you a little way along your own journey and help you transform it.

Everything is vibrating at particular frequencies like the channels of a radio station and we can choose to tune into a particular frequency at any time. The fact that you are reading this right now means that we are connected. You already knew that because you are connected to all things. Because you are connected to all things, everything you do ripples out into the Universe.

Each week on this blog I will share with you ways to reconnect with your soul, your internal GPS, to help you navigate life more easily whatever it may bring.

Life is a journey. May these words guide you along your way.