Letting go

Nov 13, 2020

At this time of year, a walk through any wood will shower you with golds, reds, yellows and browns as the leaves drop from the trees. It is the perfect example of letting go what no longer serves. The trees do not cling on to their leaves. Rather, they drop them freely. Autumn is the season of letting go.

Grief is a process of letting go. This year in particular we may have experienced many feelings of grief. We have been compelled to let go of many plans, intentions and ways of being as our lives have been disrupted in ways we could not have imagined.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, grief is associated with the lungs. The language we use helps us to connect with the world around us. How often have you found yourself needing to “get things off your chest”?

But there is another language that we instinctively respond to, even though we may not have the right words. With colour, we don’t need words. The language of colour penetrates every part of our being without us having to do or say anything. Colour doesn’t require us to do. It allows us to be.

This week, revel in the colours of autumn and allow yourself to let go of anything you no longer require.

Coming soon! I will be adding a page to my website that will allow you to identify the meanings of each colour and the message that colour has for you.

With love. x