Let your face be autobiographical, not science fiction

May 10, 2021

Revealing to the world who you are is a daunting process. It is, for most people, a continual work in progress, that we are able to do by degrees from one day to the next. For many, it is a process that is fraught with difficulties.

When you meet somebody in person, initially it is their face that you interact with. Of course, it is not merely their face but their energetic field that determines how you will interact with them. And the face reveals a great deal about the person.

If you think of heavily Botoxed faces, they seem almost mask-like – a waxy shield that somehow creates an extra layer between that person and every other person they encounter. On top of all the toxins their liver has to process from the chemical injections required to maintain this visage, they are freezing their muscles and not enabling their true expressions to be expressed. An expression is something that is by definition something that is expressed, not suppressed. Imagine the frustration of not being able to express something you need to.

True beauty is not measured solely by the face; it is defined by what is in the heart – and it is what is in the heart that shines out from your face. This is how people connect with you – they are tapping into your energy and what you are projecting out to the world. It is impossible to feel beautiful with a heart full of sorrow, or envy, or ill-will.

My purpose is to live a more heart-centred life. I believe it is the fundamental reason we are here – to find out what it is that makes our hearts and souls sing, and then do it.

If you think of the heart, you automatically associate the colour pink with it. Imagine you have a pink rose in the centre of your heart for a moment. Focus on the colour, texture and health of the petals. How open are the petals? Are they unfurled, or tightly packed like a rosebud?

What I love about colour is that it helps you feel good on the inside. When you shift an energetic imbalance, things flow more smoothly. When things flow more smoothly, you feel good on the inside. When you feel good on the inside, this radiates outwards and shows on the outside as well.

My aim is to help you let your light shine so that you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

With love,



Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
(Khalil Gibran)