From discord to harmony - the orchestra of words.

Feb 19, 2024

Imagine, for a minute, that you are playing an instrument in an orchestra. All of the musicians are in tune and are playing harmoniously. The music is flowing and life is good. Then suddenly, discord. A clashing of notes, a string scraped jarringly, a cacophony of wrong notes. Which of these two orchestras would you rather be part of?

Now imagine that you are in an orchestra, but this time your instrument is your own voice and the music that is playing, your thoughts and words. Words have a frequency, an energy. Just like colours, each one vibrates at a particular frequency. Take, for example, kind words. Experiments have been done to show that plants exposed to kind, loving words bloomed for longer and displayed healthier growth than those exposed to negative words.

A child fed on positive language and encouragement, along with love and nourishment has a much greater chance of thriving than one not exposed to nurturing, positive words.

Now imagine that inside your heart, there is a child-like version of you who has been with you every moment of your life on this planet. Every time you speak harshly to yourself, you are speaking harshly to this little child-like version of you. Loving the Inner Child was one of the fundamental teachings of the great Louise L. Hay, whose gift to the world was the belief that by changing our thoughts, we could change our lives and, ultimately, the world.

The ancients understood the power of words very well. One of the main pillars of Toltec wisdom (Source: Wikipedia) is “be impeccable with your word”. I love this word impeccable. Instead of speaking with words that emphasize the faults or flaws of ourselves or others, what a transformation could occur on our planet if we chose our words carefully and with precision; if we spoke with integrity; if we stopped gossiping about others and criticising ourselves relentlessly! How much more harmonious the world could be. I choose to be in a harmonious orchestra, enjoying the music.

May your week be filled with harmony.