Carve your own bird

Apr 04, 2024

You might have heard the story about the traveller and the wood carver. It’s a story about effort and reward.

In a city many years ago, a great cathedral was under construction.

A traveller happened to be passing by stepped inside to admire the work. He noticed a wood carver perilously balanced on the top of a scaffold, painstakingly carving something onto the top of a wooden beam.

Curiosity got the better of the traveller and he called up to the carver, "What are you carving up there?"

The wood carver replied, "I am carving a bird."

The traveller snorted. "Pah! Why go to all that trouble when nobody will ever see it up there?"

The wood carver paused for a moment, then responded, "Ah, but God will see."

Carve your bird for its own sake, whatever that means for you. Everything else is a bonus.