Abracadabra! The magic that is unleashed when you focus on your words.

Feb 08, 2024

Let’s begin, as everything does, with a word: "Abracadabra!" This magic word, one we are familiar with from an early age, is very special. According to Wikipedia, it was first mentioned in the second century AD in a prescription used by a physician. This physician prescribed that malaria sufferers should wear an amulet with this word written in the form of a triangle.

Throughout the ages, the use of the word abracadabra spread and became associated with great creative power. Words are seeds and seeds, when planted, have roots. Abracadabra has its roots in a Hebrew phrase “I will create as I speak” or the Aramaic words "abraq ad habra meaning “I create like the word” (Source: www.etymonline.com).

Whether we speak out loud or internally, the words we choose have vast creative power. With every word we use, we are planting a little seed. We are the gardeners. We plant words in the garden of our mind as our thoughts take shape.

As with every garden, if you want to attract more butterflies and bees and birds and beauty, you need to plant more flowers. Nourish these flowers and your flowers will bear fruit and flourish.

But if you neglect your garden and allow it to become overgrown and tangled with weeds and filled with rubbish, then it will be much more difficult for other flowers to flourish.

If you want things to flourish and bear fruit, then we need to prepare the ground. One of the first things to do is to plow the ground before you plant the seeds. Things grow best in loose, fertile soil that can absorb and retain nourishment and use this nourishment to transform.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the very word “Universe” contains the word “VERSE”. If you think of this word, what do you imagine? Maybe the verse of a song. One song, that we are all singing – soul music. Or perhaps a beautiful poem that we writing our part for – soul language.

If you look at the etymology or origin of this word ‘verse’, it has its roots in a Proto Indo European word “wer” for “turn or bend” (Source: www.etymonline.com). From one line to the next in a song, or a poem, it’s turning or bending, plowing, preparing the soil for the rest of the song or poem to flourish. As we plow the garden of our mind, or our souls, turning the soil, softening the ground, we are preparing the ground for the seeds we sow. And as we sow, we shall reap.

Words have the power to transform, literally to change the shape, of the world around us.

Think of the vast creative power of the Universe. It all began, we are told, with the Word, “In the beginning was the Word”. From the word, everything is formed. Intelligence. Our thoughts. Our language. How we communicate with others. How we build things.

In this beautiful, expansive Universe, we all have a voice. We are part of this magnificent orchestra.

Abraq ad abra. I will create as I speak. You are pure magic and the words you choose are your spells. With every utterance, you are casting a net and bringing in your haul. So choose them carefully.