A fresh new page

Sep 13, 2023

My love of stationery is deep and long-lasting. The smell of a new box of pencils, the thrill of opening a new notebook at the first page - a whole world of promise at my fingertips, the joy of opening up a pencil case and seeing everything inside ready and waiting to spring into action. It is no coincidence that we are often urged to turn over a new page and begin again if we make a mistake.

When we were children, the promise of a new school year seemed like a chance to start afresh, to begin anew. Recently, my children went back to school after a long summer holiday. This time of year always seems to feel like a brand new year - more so than 1 January I think.

At this time of year, when the smell of autumn is faintly in the air and the exuberance of summer is beginning to shift into the release of autumn, I encourage you to turn over a new page. You are the author of a particular story that, out of all the people in the Universe, only you are able to write. You are the author of your own life story.

Every author knows the power of words and the importance of using the right ones in the right order. As an author, you are in charge of the words that power your world. Think about what words you allow yourself, your self, your true soul, to use.

Just as we can turn over a fresh new page whenever we need to, we can also restart our story.

In the beginning was the word. Words are the seeds. Be mindful about the kind of garden you would like to create. Be choosy.

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